Men Seeking Protection
in the Time of Trouble


       Our King will thus reveal himself gradually: some will discern the new Ruler sooner than others, but ultimately “every eye shall see [horao—discern] him.” (Rev. 1:7) But “he cometh with clouds”; and while the clouds of trouble are heavy and dark, when the mountains (kingdoms of this world) are trembling and falling, and the earth (organized society) is being shaken, disintegrated, melted, some will  [B_page 139] begin to realize what we now proclaim as already at hand—that the great day of Jehovah has come; that the foretold day of trouble and wrath upon the nations is beginning; and that Jehovah’s Anointed is taking to himself his great power and beginning his work, of laying justice to the line and righteousness to the plummet. (Isa. 28:17)  And “he must reign until” he shall have put down all authorities and laws on earth, contrary to those which control in heaven.

       As the trouble increases, men will seek, but in vain, for protection in the “dens” and caves, the great rocks and fortresses of society (Free Masonry, Odd Fellowship, and Trades Unions, Guilds, Trusts, and all societies secular and ecclesiastical), and in the mountains (governments) of earth; saying, “Fall over* [cover, protect] and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of his wrath is come.” Rev. 6:15-17

       The idolatry of money in which the whole world has gone mad, and which is to have so prominent a place in the trouble, causing not only anxiety for its accumulation, but also for its preservation, is to be completely overthrown, as shown in Isa. 2:8-21; Ezek. 7:17-19.

       The great day of trouble will be recognized, and from its storm all will seek protection, though few will recognize the judgments of the Lord then abroad in the world as the result of his presence, the setting up of his authority, and the


*The Greek word epi, here used, is generally translated on, but has also the  significance of over and about, and is so translated many times in the  common version.  The thought is that of protection, not of destruction.  The  common view of this passage, that it teaches that wicked men will get  faith enough to pray for literal mountains to fall, is absurd.  The real  fulfilment is already beginning: the great, the rich, and no less the poor, are  seeking to the mountains and rocks and caves for shelter from the darkening  storm of trouble which all see is gathering. 

[B_page 140]

enforcement of his laws.  In the end, however, all shall recognize [“see”] the King of glory; and all who then love righteousness will rejoice to obey him and conform themselves fully to his just requirements.

       That will be a time of retribution upon all who by fraud or force, sometimes in the name of the law and under its sanction, have unrighteously grasped the rights or property of others.  The retribution, as we have seen, will come from the Lord, through the uprising of the masses of the people.  In their distress, loathe to part with a dollar or an acre, or an assumed right or dignity long enjoyed and long undisputed, yet seeing the approaching retribution, many will seek the covering of the hitherto powerful organizations—civil, social and ecclesiastical—to promote and shield their interests, feeling that alone they must fall.  But these shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord’s anger.  The approaching conflict and retribution will cause all the families of the earth to wail; for it will be a time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation—no, nor ever shall be again.  It will be “because of him” that they will wail; because of his judgments producing in a natural way the great trouble; because the Lord ariseth to shake terribly the earth, and to destroy its corruptions. (Isa. 2:21) So far-reaching will be the judgments and the trouble that none shall escape. Ultimately every eye shall discern the change, and recognize that the Lord reigneth. The trouble might be greatly lessened could men see and promptly act upon principles of equity, ignoring and relinquishing all unjust privileges of the past, even though legalized; but this, selfishness will not permit until the trouble shall break and overthrow the proud, humble the powerful and exalt the meek.


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